We pray – You pay

We are going to create the unique online social care system


What makes ALTERHILL Unique?


ALTERHILL will be the first technology-based social care service which does not require any other resources, just human welfare. Our main focus is on seniors and people with disabilities which need the most necessary assistance. Most charity foundations doesn’t gave any give any return to people who donate, but WE DO! How? Alterhill community are going to pray for them.

Does it sounds like selling a pray? Yes, you are right – we going to sell prays and  to pray so much and with such a big effort to help whose community members who are forgotten.

What social problems do we see?

Seniors’ incomes decrease by more than 75%

The major part of their income seniors spend on their health care and therefore they can’t live full-fledge life or to get old with dignity.

Lonely or disabled people don’t get enough necessary care

It’s really great when you can expect necessary help from your family, children and relatives, but everything is more complicated if you are lonely.

Seniors and disabled people feel irrelevant

Typically, elders are thought of to hold a certain wisdom and knowledge. But in today’s society, we have the internet.

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    The first and primary goal is to develop required specialized software to manage our ALTERHILL social care service


    We would like to invite all people of goodwill to contribute to this project’s implementation with all your opportunities that you have and could nominate. We are thankful to all who dedicate their time, knowledge, social relations, energy, finance, moral support and all other resources for this project to appear in public.


  • We have started our journey


We have a dream!

All money raised will be used for our software development, team building and for necessary equipment purchases. So thank You very much for Your support.

We all understand that nowadays THANK YOU is not enough so we pray daily for all our supporters.

Be the first to know about our launch

You will have the possibility to know all the challenges we face by receiving our newsletter. Maybe You will be the one whose advice influences our final aim achievement.

Frequently asked questions

Have you started giving the charity already?

Not yet. We are creating the “Automated Social Care Management System” so all the resourses go to the project implemention.

Do you pay for praying?

No. Pray is unpaid. It‘s voluntary assistance to those who really need it.

When the start of ALTERHILL project is scheduled to?

At the moment we are working on “Automated Social Care Management System” prototype. All our resources go to developing expenses and team-building. The more exact information you can receive by signing in on our web site.

Can everyone pray?

Everyone who wants can pray. We are praying for all who contribute to ALTERHILL project realization.

How much does the pray cost?

It’s voluntary Goodwill expression and gratuity for the support to ALTERHILL project. Our volunteers will pray for You as a “return thank you” for Your donation to our project.

I’d like to join, where should I apply?

We are developing a standardized process. At the moment you can write us an e-mail at volunteer@alterhill.org and we will contact you.

Still have questions? Tweet @alterhill for answers

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